Gatti Estate Dispute Almost Settled?

Members of the family of Arturo Gatti appear to be close to settling litigation involving the deceased boxer’s estate.  Gatti died in 2009 and was survived by his wife, their son, and a daughter from another relationship. 

Gatti’s cause of death is murky.  He was found dead in an apartment he was renting with his wife at a resort in Brazil.  Initially, Brazilian police identified Gatti’s wife as the prime suspect in his death and alleged that she’d strangled him with a purse strap while he slept.  However, the final report of an investigation into his death concluded that he had committed suicide.  Gatti’s family have refused to believe he committed suicide and his mother and his daughter are currently suing his wife in a wrongful death lawsuit. 

Approximately three weeks before his death, Gatti made a will leaving his entire estate to his wife.  The value of his estate is unclear – it has been estimated that it was worth $6 -$8 million at his death but at present it is currently worth about $3.5 million. 

After Gatti’s death, his family alleged that he had made a will in 2007 in which he left everything to his mother and his daughter.  However, no one has produced a signed copy of the will. 

In a trial which is currently ongoing in Montreal, Gatti’s family is seeking to have his final will (in which he left his estate to his wife) set aside on the basis that he was subjected to undue influence when the will was signed.  Over the weekend, negotiations between the parties appeared fruitful and they were hopeful they would reach a settlement this week.